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Kao De Tsan's interest in electronic design prompted him to establish Uchi Electronic Co. Ltd., Taiwan in 1981. He was joined by his brother, Kao Te Pei in 1982. Together with other partners, the two Kao brothers started off the company by designing a control module for electronic bathroom scales for their first customer, Krups. Subsequently, the company moves on to develop control modules for electronic slicers and mixers. Eventually, the company designed and developed control modules for coffee makers. At that time, the company was also developing Switching Power Supply, a voltage converter for bar coding system for Symbol Technologies Inc.


With their vision to "Look South", the Kao brothers decided to set up a manufacturing base in Penang in 1989. The Group commenced operations in December 1989 at its factory in 187, Jalan Sungai Pinang, Georgetown. Subsequently the Group shifted to Prai Industrial Estate, Penang in 1996 when business expanded. At that time, the Group had already established a good customer base with long-standing relationships.


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